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Hello, my name is Pablo Mendoza. I am the owner of The Detailing Pros Jax and proud to be a part of one of the most prestigious auto detailing teams in North America.

The Detailing Pros was founded by Mel Craig in 1981 in HB California. Mel is one of the America's most prestigious paint correction and paint protection professionals. He features on Motor Trends Dealers TV Show and has been publicized on Fox News, Hot Rod Magazine, and many other publications.

I always have been a car enthusiast. As I learned more about the car detailing world, I became more passionate about it.  Gradually it turned into hobby that rapidly grew into profession after I met Mel Craig and Barry Meguiar  on one of the Detailing Fests. Lucky me, after the conversation Mel offered me to get the last spot in his training course. That is how I got chance to learn from one of the best and became a licensee. 

trainign certificates_edited.jpg

Remember, the person you decide to trust your vehicle with makes a huge difference in the level of quality and service you will receive. We're a high end, custom detailing business. We specialize in cars only, and we're experts in the art of paint correction and restoration, and paint protection and ceramic coatings. We're a low volume and high quality business. I believe in quality over quantity. Your car will get my undivided attention from start to finish. I strive for the best results to keep my customers satisfied.

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